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$0 commercial electricity for your business, school, or organization.


Unique System Design & Installation

We design and install tailored, commercial-scale clean energy systems including solar, wind, biofuel, biomass and sustainability projects – for everyone: including schools, agriculture, wineries, farms, non-profits, municipalities, builders, architects, and developers. All of the paperwork is taken care of to help you maximize all of the rebates and incentives available to utility customers in California. Every single system installed by Blueline Power provides a financial return on investment in addition to extraordinary environmental benefits.


Myers EV

Blueline Power is pleased to collaborate with Myers Motors. Myers Motors is currently seeking crowd funding to begin manufacturing their aerodynamically designed four-wheel electric vehicle.


A solar electric car charger the size of a single parking space. When connected to the grid, the panels generate about 3kW – enough energy to offset approximately 75% of the electrical costs for the average American home.

Who We Are

Blueline Power matches clean, abundant, locally-available resources with the latest technologies. By implementing highly-visible “signature projects” and supporting educational programs, Blueline Power communicates the benefits of clean energy technologies:

Economic Value

Achieve independence from skyrocketing energy prices.

Environmental Conservation

Do your part to curb pollution and greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.


Invest in local jobs, political stability, and a sustainable economy by reducing dependence on imported oil.

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